Manufacturing Capahitily

Automated Punching Lines

الحموله   capacity

100 ton

الطول     stroke length

1.65 Max

الحد الأقصى للسمكة                        Max. Thickness

12.0(hrush table)0.25"(ball bearings table)

الحد الأقصى لكتلة المادة Max. mass of material

110 lbs. (F331(1lbs(f4).

الحد الأقصى لمعدل الإرتطام Max. hit rate

 X Axis 390 hpm. Y Axis 275 hpm (on 1" pitch at 0.118" stroke) For punching pattern 900hpm (at 0.019" pitch and 0.055" Stroke) for marking pattern

Punching accuracy

0.003+" and 0.002+" [FA mode]


Electrostatic Powder painting coating line

Currently we own the most modern technology for powder coating and surface treatment. Powder coating and surf ace treatment. Powder coating is close to100%usage efficiency.

Fully penetrates into corners and spaces.

Powder coating shows excellent resistance against a brasion, corrosion and chemical effects and shocks.

Powder coating is performed using two working station, which allows.

Welding Machines:

The ideal and the most efficient Welding machines that product High quality product.

Hydraulic bending machine:

Down stroke bending Machines (100 ton) that feature our unique hydraulic controlled system powered.

Press brake is supported with central reaction lower beam to ensure bending quality.

The press brake has constant penetration in the die over the entire bending length, thus ensuring a perfect angle.

Hydraulics hearing machines.

Shearing machine which obtain quick accurate products and achieving higher productivity.

Hydraulic press machines.

The ideal equipment for mounting, dismounting, alignment, calendaring, stretching, bending, punching, etc.

Presses for high pressure are supported with double pump combined together to supply oil, so it could save energy 60% and improve efficiency with heat treatment and specially treated against rust and electrical panel with cooling system.